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Version: 4.0.0

Flip Flop

flip flop

Use Flip-Flop to switch between two execution outputs. When this node is triggered for the first time, output A is executed. When it is triggered for the second time, output B is executed. For the third time, output A, and so on. Flip-Flop is in the Control category.


NameData TypeDescription
EnterExecThe input execution that triggers this node.


NameData TypeDescription
AExecExecute the next node when Is A is true.
AExecExecute the next node when Is A is false.
Is ABooleanThe condition that is flipped every time this node is triggered.


flip flop example

This example uses the Flip Flop node to toggle the color of the cube in the center of the screen every time the user opens their mouth.

flip flop node