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Version: 4.0.0

Audio Player Controller

audio player controller

Use Audio Player Controller to control the audio source from the Audio Player component. Audio Player Controller is in the Audio category.


NameData TypeDescription
PlayExecPlay the audio source.
StopExecStop the audio source.
PauseExecPause the audio source.
ResumeExecResume the audio source.
Audio PlayerComponentThe Audio Player (Component) you want to control.


NameData TypeDescription
On PlayExecExecute the next node when the audio source starts playing.
On StopExecExecute the next node when the audio source stops playing.
On FinishExecExecute the next node when the audio source finishes playing on each loop.


When the camera detects an open mouth, it will trigger the Audio Player’s audio source to play and loop 3 times. When the audio is playing, it will trigger the alien to appear. When the loop finishes, the alien will disappear.

audio player     audio player controller node