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Version: 4.0.0

Scene Object

The Scene Object is an empty object that can be used as a container for other 3D objects. On its own, the Scene Object will not render in the effect.

The Scene Object is a useful organizational tool for grouping other 3D objects together. 3D objects parented under a Scene Object can be manipulated as one unit with position, rotation, and scale properties.


The 2D Scene Object is a similarly empty object used to house other 2D objects. Learn more about 2D Scene Objects.

Add a Scene Object

To add a Scene Object, click the Add button [+], go to Scene, and then select Scene Object in the Hierarchy panel.

scene object hierarchy

Use the Scene Object

Parent other 3D objects under the Scene Object to treat them as one object with a Transform component.

Move, Rotate, and Resize the Scene Object

In the Scene panel, you can scale, rotate, and transform the Scene Object.

scene panel transform

The Transform component in the Inspector panel allows you to manually adjust the Position, Rotation, and Scale properties.

transform properties


The Scene Object is made up of the Transform component, found in the Inspector panel.