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Version: 4.0.0

Asset Compression Center

Asset Compression Center enables you to compress all compressible assets in your project, such as textures and texture sequences, in one central location, thereby reducing the overall size of your effects. This center streamlines the optimization process for your effects, leading to improved performance and quicker load times while maintaining the desired quality of your assets.

asset compression center window

Access Asset Compression Center

There are two ways to open Asset Compression Center:

Via Compressible Assets

  1. Go to the Assets panel
  2. Click an asset that you want to compress
  3. In the Inspector panel, click the Asset Compression Center button
compressible asset

Via Effect Size Indicator

  1. Go to the titlebar
  2. Click the effect size indicator
effect size indicator

All compressible assets appear in Asset Compression Center.


In Asset Compression Center, you can view asset details and customize compression settings.

Asset Details

View the asset's resolution, size, and type.

asset details

Optimization Settings

Apply the following settings to every compressible asset directly from Asset Compression Center to tailor the compression to your needs:

Compression Type: Choose from Automatic, Manual, or None

compression type

Max Resolution: Adjust the maximum resolution of your asset, with options including 1024, 512, 256, and 128 pixels

max resolution

Quality Settings: Select from High, Medium, and Low to balance texture quality against file size

quality settings