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Version: 4.0.0

View Your Effect

There are several places on TikTok where you can see your effect.

Effect Tab on Profile Page

Once you have an active effect published on TikTok, a new effects tab will be automatically created on your profile page with all the effects that you’ve published.

effect tab profile

For each effect, the entry will show information such as the effect name, icon, number of videos posted with the effect, and the first TikTok video you create using your effect. Users who visit your page can click on the effect icon to go to the effect’s detail page, or click on the effect video to play the video.


Once your effect is active on TikTok, the first TikTok video you post with your effect will get displayed on the effect tab of your profile page for others to view. If you don’t create a TikTok video for your effect, no video will be displayed (see fourth example in screenshot above). Check out TikTok creation essentials on our Creator Portal for tips on how to create a compelling video.

Effect Detail Page

If you’ve set your profile as public, users can visit the effect’s detail page on TikTok, see your profile information attributed to the effect, and click through to your profile page. They can also create a video using the effect directly from the page.

effect detail page

Users can get to the effect detail page in several ways, including:

  • Scan the effect QR code or click on effect URL
  • Click on the effect icon from the effect tab on your profile page
  • Click on the effect anchor on a video that uses the effect
  • Search for the effect by name

Camera and Effects Tray

If a user chooses to create a video using your effect, they’ll see the effect in the Trending tab of the effects tray on the camera page. Your username will be displayed below the name of the effect on the upper left of the camera page. Users can also click on your name to view all effects created by you and to follow you.

trending tab  effects by username

Your effect may also be featured in the relevant category tab of the effects tray.

Effect Anchor on Video

Users can see the effect anchor with the name of your effect on any videos that use the effect, and can click through to see the effect’s detail page.

effect anchor