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Version: 3.9.0

Crash Course Overview

Welcome to Effect House Crash Course! This course is designed to equip you with all of the knowledge and tools you need to start creating effects. We've prepared 10 video tutorials with detailed guides to walk you through Effect House basics and help you understand concepts and features. This course is designed for people of all levels, so whether you're a complete beginner or an AR wizard, we got you!

What to Expect

By the end of this course, you should feel comfortable with the following learning objectives:

  • Recognize the different elements of the Effect House interface and understand how to use them
  • Understand how to create a basic makeup effect from scratch, or use a built-in template to kickstart effect creation
  • Define what a render group is, and how it affects the appearance of objects in an effect
  • Create an effect using animated textures
  • Apply chain physics to 3D objects
  • Implement basic visual scripting features like interactions in effects
  • Demonstrate how to create a custom material

But most importantly, have fun and learn at your own pace! Take whatever inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing - no pressure, and no homework.

If you have questions, want inspiration, or just need a community to vibe with, you can join our Discord server and post questions to our community forum.

Crash Course Breakdown

This course is made up of 10 modules that cover a variety of topics, ranging from how to kickstart the effect creation process to specific features you can use to bring your effects to life.

  1. Getting Started With Effect House: Dive right into learning how to navigate Effect House and get familiar with the interface! This brief tour shows you how Effect House works and how you can use it to create and publish awesome effects.
  2. Make Your First TikTok Effect: Learn how to create a simple makeup effect in Effect House to understand the basics of the effect creation process.
  3. What Are Render Groups: Understand the concepts behind render groups in the Hierarchy panel and how they affect the appearance of objects in your effect.
  4. Using Effect Templates and the Asset Library: Check out how you can use pre-built effect templates to kickstart effect creation, and import ready-made assets from the Asset Library to enhance your effects! This overview illustrates how you can use built-in features to get inspiration and accelerate effect creation.
  5. Make a Sky Castle Effect: Learn how to use Sky Castle, one of the built-in templates in Effect House, to create awe-inspiring AR sky effects.
  6. Creating Animated TikTok Effects: Learn how to use Animated Textures in Effect House to add 2D animations to your effect. This feature tutorial demonstrates how you can leverage this feature to create a fun randomizer and other engaging effects.
  7. Creating TikTok Effects Using Visual Scripting: Jump into learning about visual scripting, a graph-based programming method that you can use to add an extra layer of depth and engagement to your effects. This overview provides an introduction to the Visual Scripting panel interface, some basic concepts, and how you can use this programming language to make your effects interactive.
  8. Adding Interactions to Your TikTok Effect: Understand how you can use pre-built visual scripting subgraphs called Interactions to make your effect interactive, instead of working from scratch.
  9. Adding Dynamic Chain to Your TikTok Effect: Learn how you can use Dynamic Chain, one of Effect House's physics components, to add realistic swinging and swaying motions to your effects. This feature tutorial demonstrates how you can incorporate physics to add that extra touch of realism to your effect.
  10. Creating Custom Materials in Effect House: Learn how to use Material Editor to create custom materials! Materials are assets that control the appearance of 3D models, and can also be applied to change the appearance of your camera feed. This overview demonstrates how you can use Material Editor to create a basic, metallic-looking material.

Each module contains a video, a written guide, and links to related topics. If you want to expand your knowledge about specific features, our technical guides are a great place to start.

Crash Course Live Workshops

Feel free to join our 5-day live workshop and Q&A session hosted by Effect House pros to learn more!

Next Steps

If you haven't already, feel free to download Effect House to your computer.

Take your first step towards becoming an effect creator and get familiar with how to use Effect House!