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Version: 3.9.0

Physics Matter


Physics Matter is an asset that defines the physical properties of a physics object, such as its friction or bounciness. In Effect House, Physics Matter can be used to control how objects interact with each other, such as how much they slide or bounce off each other.

Assign Physics Matter to colliders and use them to fine-tune physical interactions between different physics objects in the scene. By adjusting the values of its properties, you can create a wide range of physical behaviors, from slippery ice to bouncy trampolines.

Add a Physics Matter Asset

You can add Physics Matter by clicking the Add Asset button [+] -> Physics Matter in the Assets panel.

add physics matter

Then, assign it to the Physics Matter property of your Collider component in the Inspector panel.

add to collider



Adjust these three properties to influence the physical behavior of objects that have Physics Matter applied to them.

Dynamic FrictionDictates how much an object rebounds after colliding with another object. A higher value results in more bounce, making objects more elastic upon impact. The default value is 0.60. The range is from 0 to 999999.
Static FrictionDetermines the resistance of an object to start moving when initially at rest. Higher values mean more force is required to initiate movement, simulating the grip or stickiness of surfaces. The default value is 0.61. The range is from 0 to 999999.
BouncinessApplies when objects are sliding against each other. It influences the resistance experienced by moving objects. Adjusting this value simulates the feel of different surfaces in motion, from slick ice to rough sandpaper. The default value is 0.30. The range is from 0 to 1.

Use Cases

Experiment with Bounciness

Test different levels of bounciness to simulate various materials, from rubber balls to stone blocks.

Combine Physics Matter with Colliders

For effective use of Physics Matter, ensure your interacting physics objects have appropriate colliders with Physics Matter attached to them.