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Version: 3.8.0



Use Timer as a timer. Timer is in the Time category.


NameData TypeDescription
StartTriggerExecute to start the timer.
PauseTriggerExecute to pause the timer.
ResumeTriggerExecute to resume the timer.
DurationNumber (Double)Duration time, in seconds, of the timer.


NameData TypeDescription
StartedTriggerExecute the next node when the timer starts.
TickTriggerExecute the next node each frame.
CompletedTriggerExecute the next node when the timer stops.
Elapsed TimeDoubleThe number of seconds elapsed since the timer started.
ProgressDoubleThe proportion of duration that has elapsed (0-100%).
RemainingDoubleThe number of seconds remaining until the timer ends.


timer example

This example uses the percentage of time passed in the timer to change the color of sphere.

timer node