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Version: 3.8.0

Target Tracker


You must have TikTok v31.2.0 or a later version to use this feature.

The Target Tracker object allows AR objects to respond to real-world images. Target Tracker identifies your uploaded image, known as the target, and instantly situates a designated object wherever the target is detected in real-time.

Add a Target Tracker Object

To add a Target Tracker object, click + Add object in the Hierarchy panel, go to AR Tracking, and then select Target Tracker.

target tracker object

It is recommended that you use no more than three Target Tracker objects in a single effect.

Object Hierarchy

The Target Tracker object is automatically added to the Target Tracking render group in the Hierarchy panel.

target tracker hierarchy

Use the Target Tracker Object

Designate a Texture

Select the Target Tracker object in the Hierarchy panel, then go to the Inspector panel to view the Target Tracker component.

Swap the Default Texture in the Target Texture field with your desired texture. The texture you choose corresponds to the the real-world image that will trigger the event. You can upload a texture from your computer by clicking + Import.

target texture

Choose a clear, identifiable texture that your camera can recognize and contains the following characteristics:

  • High-resolution
  • High-contrast
  • Directional
  • No repeating patterns
  • Sharp details
  • Distinct breaks between shapes

Choose the Reactive Object

The reactive object is the object that appears whenever the texture is detected. A Cube object is used by default. You can use any object, but make sure that it is parented under the Target Tracker object.

target tracker hierarchy

Configure Visual Scripting

Use visual scripting to control how the event is triggered when the target is detected. For example, you can use the following setup. Make sure the Scene Object parameter of the Scene Object Info node is set to the reactive object.

target tracker visual scripting

Test the Effect

Test your effect on your mobile device by scanning the QR code from within the TikTok app. Learn more about how to preview your effect. Be sure to point your camera at an image of the target texture.

target tracker qr code

Your object should appear wherever an image of the target texture appears in real life.

target tracker demo