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v1.3.0 (June 15, 2022)

  • Upload and play back your own audio files with our new MP3 file format compatibility and Audio Player component.
  • New Audio nodes in Visual Scripting.
  • Two new templates: Music Band and 2D Randomizer: What Planet Are You From?

Audio features

New Audio playback support

  • The Audio Player component allows you to play back audio files.
  • MP3 file format compatibility: You can now import audio files via + Add Asset > Import > From Computer. Effect House supports MP3 audio files with a sample rate of 44100 Hz.

Audio Visual Scripting nodes

  • Audio Resource: Select the audio source.
  • Speaker: Play the audio stream with volume control.
  • Audio Player Controller: Control the Audio Player component.
  • Audio Resource Controller: Connect to a speaker as an output to play and control the audio resource.
  • Beats Detection: Detects the rhythm pattern of a piece of music and outputs the beat in real time.
  • Pitch Detection: Detect the pitch of the audio source in realtime.
  • Volume Detection: Detect the volume of the audio source in realtime.
  • Spectrum Detection: Divide the audio spectrum range (0 Hz to 22050 Hz) into 8 output bands, and detect the magnitude of each band in a range between 0 and 255. You can use the output values to animate or transform 2D and 3D objects.
  • Onset Detection: Detect the onsets of notes in the musical audio in realtime based on a determined threshold.
  • Volume: Set the volume of the audio stream.
  • Mixer: Mix two audio streams into one.
  • Detection Output: Pairs with a detection node (such as Volume Detection or Beats Detection). Outputs the result of the other detection node(s) but without sound.

New features

Built-in Material

  • UV Control Support now offered for Unlit.
  • Premultiplied Alpha Support
When Texture is disabled
When Texture is enabled
Example (Face Paint)
  • Preview in tool:If you upload Local Media with audio to the Preview panel, the new Mute button can control its sound.

Visual Scripting

  • Image Tap
  • Spin
  • Set Transform

New templates

  • Music Band (audio component)
    • Use this new template with an animated band of characters to learn how to combine touch triggers with audio!
  • What Planet Are You From (randomizer 2D)
    • Learn how to make a randomizer effect with this new template.


  • Visual Scripting node update
    • The state of Video Record by default is recording in Effect House Editor.
    • Crop input added to Snapshot to allow for control of the snapshot area.

Bug fixes

  • Previously when changing the parameters on the settings panel, the effect preview did not refresh. This has been fixed.
  • While attempting to submit your effect, an error message titled, “failed to export effect package” may have popped up previously. This has been fixed.
  • After duplicating eye color, the parameter listed was listed incorrectly on occasion. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a frame jump issue for the Pause and Resume function in Preview.
  • After you duplicate a 3D face, there may be no effect shown in the preview panel.
  • After adding 2 cubes and applying position change or rotation, when you pause preview and delete the cubes, you may experience a screen freeze issue. To resolve it, please follow this method:
    1. Add 2 cubes respectively.
    2. Pause the preview.
    3. Perform any needed position changes or rotation of the 2 cubes.
    4. Unpause the preview.
    5. Pause the preview.
    6. Delete these 2 cubes.
    7. Unpause the preview.

Known issues

  • You may experience a jittering screen when using Sticker with 3D face on certain Android devices.
  • When the effect package size is 5.0MB or smaller, it will create a QR code. Effect packages sized between 5 and 5.05MB may be read in-tool as 5MB (in yellow text) due to an error. Per our sizing rules, you will still not be able to generate a preview code with an effect over 5MB in size.
  • The crop feature for thumbnail uploads may not function correctly. For best results, crop your effect before uploading using the thumbnail template:
  • Users on v1.2.0 with Intel chips cannot update to the v1.3.0 version. Please download the v1.3.0 version from the Effect House website.