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Transit by Time

Use Transit by Time to move from value A to value B according to the set interpolator within the set time range (supporting Number, Vec2, Vec3, Vec4, Color). Transit by Time is in the Utility category.


NameData typeDescription
StartExecStart the transition at the “from” value
PauseExecPause the transition
ResumeExecResume the transition
StopExecStop the transition
FromNumberStart value of the transition
ToNumberEnd value of the transition
DurationNumberDuration of the transition
InterpolatorStringType of interpolators including Linear, Ease-in, Ease-out, Ease-in-out, Ease-out-in
LoopNumberLoop count of the transition


NameData typeDescription
BeginExecExecute the next node when the transition begins
StayExecKeep executing the next node when the transition stay working
EndExecExecute the next node when the whole transition is finished
CurrentNumberCurrent interpolated value


In this example, we use the Transit by Time component to interpolate the color and size of the bling texture when the user opens mouth. The transition is triggered by the start of the mouth open, paused by mouth open end, and resumed when mouth open stays. The duration variable controls how fast the transition happens, and the loop controls how many loops of transition happen.