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Finger Touch 1-Point

Use Finger Touch 1-Point to take different executions when the device screen is touched by one finger and when it is not touched. Finger Touch 1-Point is in the Event category.


The input does not update the current touch point until the frame after the even.

Here is an example of the Position coordinates for Screen Hold.


NameData typeDescription
IdleExecExecute the next node when no finger touch detected on the device screen
On StartExecExecute the next node as soon as someone’s finger touches the device screen
StayExecExecute the next node when someone’s finger stays on the device screen
On StopExecExecute the next node as soon as someone’s finger leaves the device screen
Current PositionVec2The position of tapping point in the current frame. If the node execution is Idle (no touch detected), this position returns (-1, -1).
Last UpdatedVec2The position of last updated tapping point


In this example, use Finger Touch 1-Point to do the swipe effect, so that when swipe to left then the sphere will be visible, while when swipe right the sphere will be invisible.