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Version: 4.3.0

Make Array

make array

Make Array allows for multiple items (for example, numbers, colors, vectors, and so on) to be stored in a single array. Add an item by clicking + and remove it by right-clicking the input name and selecting Remove pin. All data types are supported: Number, Boolean, String, Rect, Vec2, Vec3, Vec4, Color, Texture2D, Scene Object, and Material.


NameData TypeDescription
EnterExecThe input that triggers this node.
ResetExecResets the current index logic.
FromNumberMinimum value of the index.
ToNumberMaximum value of the index.
ModeStringLoop, Random, or Shuffle.
Loop CountNumberNumber of cycles.
Ping-pongBooleanWhen selected, it outputs the set of numbers from the starting value to end value and then backwards.


NameData TypeDescription
NextExecExecutes the next node.
IndexNumberThe output index in between From and To.


make array example


In this example, 5 Vec2 items have been stored in an array. Tapping the screen logs a random value from 0 to 4, in turn getting one of the items to be used for the image position.

make array node