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Tracking and Detection

Segmentation Texture

Use Segmentation Texture in conjunction with Segmentation.

Create a New Segmentation Texture

Start by clicking the Add button [+] > Texture > Segmentation Texture in the Assets panel and choose one of the supported segmentation types.

Type: Currently supported segmentation types:

  • Portrait
  • Hair
  • Head
  • Hand
  • Cloth
  • Sky
  • Ground
  • Building

Invert mask: Checked to invert the mask.


Smoothness: This property determines how smooth the edge is. The larger the value, the smoother the edge.

Cutout On: This property turns on the cutout texture selection. If unchecked, the cutout texture should be greyed out and the segmentation texture will be the black/white mask.

Cutout Texture: This property will apply the assigned cutout texture (with alpha) to the segmentation area.