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Comparing Branded Effects and Community Effects

Branded Effects

What are Branded Effects?

Branded Effects refer to the effects purchased by brands to be launched as an ad campaign at TikTok. Branded Effects allow brands to create highly-customizable effects with their own brand logos or other branding elements.

Customized effects will enable advertisers to achieve deeper engagement with users in a more native and interactive way by boosting brand buzz among the mobile-first audience.

Who can create Branded Effects in Effect House?

We’re currently in Closed Alpha testing with invited TikTok Branded Effect Certified Partners who can use Effect House to create Branded Effects for an advertiser’s paid campaign.

We aren’t currently accepting any new Branded Effect Certified Partners, but we hope to expand this program very soon.

Branded Effect media package

Branded Effect can be accessed through the effect tray on the camera page, effect anchor icon (appears on videos using your effect in the For You feed), and effect detail page.

  • Branded Effects will be placed in the first trending tab as per a brand’s purchased package.
  • The Branded Effect detail page is allowed to display brand or campaign related information. All information displayed must conform to TikTok’s Ad Policies. The Branded Effect page lifespan on the app is determined by the purchased media package. Video orders on Branded Effect detail page are allowed for management as per a brand’s requirement.
  • Branded Effects can be bundle purchased with other TikTok reservation ad products, which means Branded Effect can be bound with certain ad products like Hashtag Challenge or Branded Effect page can be set as ads landing page like Infeed Ads.

Branded Effects will not display any designer-related information or be published to designer’s profile page.

Branded Effect purchase process

If you are planning a Branded Effect campaign on TikTok, please reach out to our TikTok sales team or contact us via the TikTok for Business website. Our TikTok for Business team is happy to work with you end-to-end, from effect creation to the campaign set-up process.

Branded Effect offering category

TikTok Branded Effect offers 7 major formats to advertisers: Face, Body, Try-on, Animal, World (AR), Atmosphere and Game.Please reach out to the TikTok sales team for more detailed information.

Community Effects

What are Community Effects?

Community Effects are effects created by individual creators and published to the creator’s TikTok profile.

Unlike Branded Effects, Community Effects cannot include any logos, branding, or advertise any products. To learn about all guidelines for Community Effects, visit our Effect Guidelines.

Who can create Community Effect in Effect House?

Any TikTok user can create Community Effects and publish them to their TikTok account! For more info, visit our Quickstart Guide.

If a brand wants to hire a creator to make a Community Effect for the brand’s TikTok profile, they will need to share their login information with the creator. The creator should log in using this login information on the Effect House website and desktop application to publish the effect to the brand’s profile.

Community Effect distribution on app

Community Effects appear as a new tab on the creator’s profile. Each community effect also has an effect detail page, which displays all videos using the effect as well as a link to the creator’s profile.

Unlike Branded Effects, Community Effect detail pages have no CTA link or description text.