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Compare Branded Effects and Community Effects

Branded Effects

What Are Branded Effects?

Branded Effects are effects sponsored by brands as part of their advertising campaigns on TikTok. These effects are highly customized, with brand logos and other branding elements, to fit their specific campaign needs.

Through fun, interactive, and relevant effects, Branded Effects give brands the opportunity to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and interactive way.

Who Can Create Branded Effects?

TikTok’s official marketing partners can create Branded Effects.

Advertising Policies for Branded Effects

Branded Effects can be bundled with all other branding products at TikTok, including Branded Mission, Branded HTC, Branded Music, TopView, and R&F (TopFeed and Spark Ads).

Distribution of Branded Effects on TikTok

Branded Effects can be accessed through the effect tray on the Creation screen, effect anchor (appears on videos using your effect in the For You feed), and effect detail page.

  • Brands can purchase premium placements, like the Trending tab within the effect tray, to showcase their effect (depending on availability).
  • The Branded Effect detail page may display a brand and/or campaign-related description. However, all information displayed must comply with TikTok’s Advertising Policies. Brands may also manage what videos are pinned to the top of the effect detail page. The lifespan of a Branded Effect and the Branded Effect detail page is determined by the media package purchased.
  • Branded Effects can be bundled with other advertising products at TikTok, including the Branded Hashtag Challenge, or with a landing page as an in-feed ad.

Community Effects

What Are Community Effects?

Community Effects are effects created by Effect House creators and published on TikTok for anyone to use.

Check out our Effect Guidelines for more guidance.

Who Can Create Community Effects?

Anyone with an Effect House account can create Community Effects.

Advertising Policies for Community Effects

It’s against TikTok Advertising Policies to use Community Effects in any type of advertising format:

  • The system currently does not allow Community Effect creators to prevent unauthorized use of their effects.
  • Advertising on TikTok needs to comply with TikTok Advertising Policies. Community Effects are intended for organic use, and is not subject to TikTok Advertising Policies, and hence cannot be used for advertising purposes.

Distribution of Community Effects on TikTok

Community Effects appear in the Effects tab of the effect creator’s TikTok profile. Each Community Effect also has an effect detail page that displays all the videos using the effect, as well as a link to the effect creator’s profile.

Unlike Branded Effects, Community Effect detail pages have no call-to-action link or description.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Branded Effects and Community Effects?

  • Community Effects aim to be organically distributed and interacted on TikTok.
  • Branded Effects aim to be boosted to a wider audience by paid branding traffic solutions in addition to organic distribution.

Why can’t anyone create Branded Effects?

The creation of Branded Effects is currently limited and a managed service, given the quality considerations needed for developing and deploying Branded Effects.

In the long term, we are targeting to provide access to more designers and advertisers. Please stay tuned for our updates!

What’s included in the Branded Effect package?

Branded Effects give brands the opportunity to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and interactive way. On top of that, Branded Effects also offer the following:

  • Optional and limited premium placement on the first (Trending) tab, with guaranteed position and fixed number of days of promotion.
  • Branding elements, such as logos, links, and pinned videos, on the effect detail page.
  • Option to bundle with other TikTok advertising products, such as in-feed ads, Branded Mission, and Branded Hashtag Challenges, to maximize your campaign’s impact.