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Post Effect

Bokeh Blur

Bokeh Blur creates the loose blur effect for objects outside the depth of field.

Add a Bokeh Blur Object

Go to the Hierarchy panel and click the Add button [+] > Post Effect > Bokeh Blur.

A Camera component and Post Process component are automatically added in the Inspector panel.

Object Hierarchy

Starting in Effect House v2.0.0, the Bokeh Blur object is automatically added to the Post Effects render group in the Hierarchy panel. Learn more about render groups.

Bokeh Blur Properties

Iterations: The greater the number of Bokeh Blur iterations, the better the effect, and the worse the performance. Values range between 1.00 and 10.00.

Iteration = 2.00
Iteration = 10.00

Shape: The shape of Bokeh Blur—either a Circle or Hexagon.

Fast Circle: Quickly generates a Bokeh Blur circle. Only applicable if the Shape is set to Circle.

Downsample: The greater the downsample rate, the better the performance, but it will cause a loss of details. Values range between 1.00 and 10.00.

Downsample = 3.00
Downsample = 8.00