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Bloom creates an illusion of a bleeding light around the light source, providing a glow-like effect.

In the Demo Effect section, you will learn how to apply Bloom to a cube to create glow effect. Download the following file to get started:


Add a Bloom Object

Go to the Hierarchy panel and click the Add button [+] > Post Effect > Bloom.

A Camera component and Post Process component are automatically added in the Inspector panel.

Object Hierarchy

Starting in Effect House v2.0.0, the Bloom object is automatically added to the Post Effects render group in the Hierarchy panel. Learn more about render groups.

Bloom Properties

Fast Mode: Improves the performance by sacrificing the quality of Bloom. This option is recommended for mobile and low-end platforms.

Threshold: Filter out the brightness under this level to Bloom.

Color: The color of Bloom.

Diffuse: Change the extent of veiling effects. Integers are recommended for higher quality to reduce calculation.

Intensity: The strength of Bloom

Soft Knee: Make a gradual transition between under or over-threshold. 0 is a hard threshold while 1 is a soft threshold. 

Clamp: Clamp the pixels to control the maximum Bloom.

Anamorphic Ratio: Distort the Bloom to simulate an anamorphic lens effect. The number represents the direction of distortion. Negative values distort vertically while positive values distort horizontally.

Demo Effect: Blooming Cube

Download the following file to see how you can apply the Bloom post process to a cube: