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Pet Head Tracker

Use Head Tracker to attach an object to your pet’s face.

In the Demo Effect sections, you will learn how to add a head accessory to your pet and wear hats with your pet. Start by downloading the following files:



Add a Head Tracker Object

Add a Head Tracker object by clicking the Add button [+] > AR Tracking > Head Tracker in the Hierarchy panel. The Face Binding component is included when a Head Tracker object added.

Adding a Head Tracker object will add a Head object by default. The Head is parented under the tracker object so that it follows the head movement.


Learn more about Head Tracker.

Cat Head Occluder Model

The Head object is a head-shaped mesh with Occluder material that allows you to mask the onscreen head. You can download the head occluder model for 3D scale reference here:


Configure a Face Binding Component

Click the Face Binding object in the Hierarchy panel. Locate the Face Binding component in the Inspector panel.

Configure the Face Binding component:

  • For Which Face, select the number of faces you want to attach to the effect.
  • Change the Tracking Target to Cat.
  • Learn more about Face Binding.
  • Face Binding does not currently support dog face tracking. However, the algorithm may sometimes consider a dog as a person, so some human face tracking features may also work on a dog’s face.

Put a 3D Object on the Head

Navigate to the Hierarchy panel and click + > 3D > Sphere. To ensure that the object follows the head, you need to parent the sphere object under the Head Tracker. Then it will follow the tracking head movement.

Demo Effect: Pet Head Accessory

Use a Head Tracker object to add a head accessory that follows your cat’s head.


Demo Effect: Wear Hats With Your Cat

This demo requires two head trackers: One for your human head and another for your cat head.