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Face Effects

Lip Effect

Add a Lip Effect object to apply a lipstick effect to your face.

You can download the following file for a face mask reference. Use your preferred 2D design software to create your own face mask textures.

↓ face_mask_template_1.psd

Add a Lip Effect Object

Go to the Hierarchy panel and click the Add button [+] > Face Effects > Lip Effect.

After you add a Lip Effect object, a reference model appears in the Scene panel. This reference model, as well as your preview, will reflect your lip customization.

Object Hierarchy

Starting in Effect House v2.0.0, the Lip Effect object is automatically added to the Face Mask Effects render group in the Hierarchy panel. Learn more about render groups.

Lip Effect Properties

When an Lip Effect object is added, the Face Mask component, with the Face Region set to Lips, can be found in the Inspector panel.

Face Region: Designates where the mesh will appear on the face. For Lip Effect, this property is set to Lips.

Which Face: Designates which face the effect is applied to. You can apply different textures to different faces.

Texture: Choose a texture from the Assets picker.

Opacity: Use the slider to set the opacity to a value between 0.00 and 1.00, with 0.00 being transparent and 1.00 being opaque (unless the edges are feathered).

Opacity = 0.30
Opacity = 0.70

Blend Mode: Determines different calculations used to blend color and texture.

Opacity Enable: Customize the Opacity Texture and Color of the mesh. This is selected by default.

  • Opacity Texture: Applies an alpha mask texture to the lip region. Choose a texture from the Assets picker.
  • Color: Determine the colors that will blend with the texture. For example, you can adjust the color of the lip texture.

Detect Occlusion: The face mask detects when a real-world object, such as a hand, hair, or mask, is in front of the AR mask.