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Face effects

Face Sticker

Use Face Sticker to anchor 2D assets on a user’s face. You can then manipulate where and how the asset is anchored to the face.


Quick start

Adding Face Sticker

Add Face Sticker by clicking + Add object > Face Effects > Face Sticker.

Once Face Sticker is added to the Hierarchy panel, the 2D scene will automatically populate a face with landmarks.

Applying image asset to the sticker

Import and apply the static image or Texture Sequence asset to the Face Sticker.


Refer to Animation Sequence for more details on animation sequences.

You can drag the picture within the panel. The picture will also snap to the nearest landmark once the picture finishes dragging. You can also drag the pivot to snap to a certain landmark point.

Face Sticker properties

Anchor: Determines the point the picture anchors to. Choose between Custom Point, Face Center, Left Eye, Right Eye, and Nose. If the picture is moved, the anchor will default to Custom Point.

Pseudo 3D: This property changes the way the sticker is simulated in its 3D position. Choose between None, Horizon, Vertical, and Horizon and Vertical.

Rotation Type: This property chooses which camera direction the 2D image sticker with face. There are two modes to choose from, Device and Algo.

  • Device: The sticker’s Z rotate direction will follow the camera rotation.
  • Algo: The sticker’s Z rotate direction will follow the tracking face.

Tracked Face: This option allows you to choose between the 5 different faces. Multiple faces can be chosen. The default value is Face 0.