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Face Effects

Face Sticker

Use Face Sticker to anchor 2D assets on a face. You can then manipulate where and how the asset is anchored to the face.

Add a Face Sticker Object

Add a Face Sticker object by clicking the Add button [+] > Face Effects > Face Sticker in the Hierarchy panel.

An Image object is nested under the Face Sticker object in the Hierarchy panel.

Object Hierarchy

Starting in Effect House v2.0.0, the Face Sticker object, along with its corresponding Image object, is automatically added to the General render group in the Hierarchy panel. Learn more about render groups.

Use a Custom Image

Replace the Default_Texture of the Image component with your custom image. Learn more about configuring the Image component’s properties.


To import a static image, click the Add button [+] > Import > From Computer, or simply drag the image into the Assets panel. Learn more about best practices for image assets.

Use a Custom Animation

You can apply an animation as the face sticker. Select the Face Sticker object and go to the Inspector panel.

Add the Animation Sequence component by clicking + Add component > Animation > Animation Sequence in the Inspector panel.

Import your Texture Sequence assets into Effect House and then replace the Texture Sequence of the Animation Sequence component with your custom 2D animation assets.


Learn more about Animation Sequence.

Move a Face Sticker in the Scene

Drag the image within the panel. The picture will snap to the nearest landmark once you release it. You can also drag the pivot to snap to a specific landmark point.

Demo Effect: Emoji

Check out this tutorial to learn how to create an interactive Face Sticker effect!