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Preview in Effect House

You can use Effect House’s preview panel to quickly view how your effect would look on TikTok. Check out the Preview in TikTok guide for more information on viewing your effect on TikTok.

Preview with preset video

Use our preset video models to preview what your effect will look like. The preset video models will automatically show up when you open the editor interface.

We’ve prepared several preset videos for you to test the different triggers that you’ll need to build and refine your effects.

Preview with webcam

Click on the circle button to switch to the camera mode and preview your effect on yourself, using your device’s webcam.

Preview with uploaded media

Click + Add Media to upload your own video for effect testing.

Preview audio

If your effect has sound, your previews will use that sound unless you mute the preview video.

Simulate TikTok

Simulate TikTok UI layout

Click on the TikTok icon at the bottom of the Preview panel to test the safe zone area of your effect. You can select TikTok UI views to simulate TikTok’s interface and make sure your effect looks just the way you want on the app.

Simulate device resolution

Click the Device button on the bottom left to simulate resolutions that match various current devices and check their compatibility with your effects.

Simulate device inputs

Use your mouse or trackpad to simulate the triggers that you are going to use on your mobile touch screens.

Screen Tap: left mouse/trackpad click
Screen Hold: left mouse/trackpad click, hold, and release.
Screen Pan: left mouse/ trackpad click and drag.

Change the playback of preview video


Use this function to Restart your effect if the preview and scene don’t match.

Play button and Next frame

These two buttons will allow you to pause a video and play it frame by frame to test some of your effects.

Screenshot and Screen record

Use these functions to capture screenshots and screen recordings from the preview panel, which can be saved to your computer.

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