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Interface Navigation

This guide will help you navigate the basic layout of the Effect House interface, from login to effect submission.

Log Into Effect House

On the welcome page, click Log in to TikTok to go to the login webpage.

Choose your login method and follow the instructions.

Once you successfully log in to your account, click on Continue to proceed to the Effect House homepage.

Upon a successful login, the Effect House login page and homepage will look like the images below.


You can log out of the program at any time by selecting Effect House > Log out from the top menu.


The Effect House homepage is where you’ll start your effect creation journey. Click Create Project to start a new project from scratch. Click Open Project to continue work on a previous project. You can also click Effect House Website or Learning Resources on the left bottom panel to learn about the program, instructions, and tutorials. If you need to report any issues, click Feedback. We also provide easy access to our recommended templates, which you can use as a foundation to build your own effects.

Templates Tab

We provide example templates for different categories of effects. Click Templates to go to the template page and begin exploring.

Recent Projects Tab

All of your recent Effect House work can be found under the Recent Projects tab.


If you search for a deleted project, you’ll receive a “File Doesn’t exist” message.

Editor Interface


The Hierarchy panel shows the objects you added to the effect and the layers of objects in the scene. You can add built-in functional objects by clicking + Add object.


Use the Assets panel to import and store the assets you’ll use for effects. Read more about assets in the 3D assets preparation and 3D objects guides to see how to bring 3D assets from digital content creation software into Effect House.

Effect House also has pre-built assets you can use for effect creation.



It is the 3D workspace reflecting your effect. The objects that you added to the Hierarchy panel will be shown here.

You can select different view tools from the top of the scene window including the Move, Rotate and Scale, or choose between the Local or World view. You can also switch between 2D and 3D view by clicking the Show 2D/3D button on the left corner.

Effect House provides both mouse and trackpad actions for you to navigate through the scene:

  • Mouse actions
    • Left mouse button: single click to select object
    • Middle mouse button or scroll wheel: scroll to zoom in or out and hold the middle button and drag to pan left or right in your scene view
    • Right mouse button: drag to orbit the scene and your assets
  • Trackpad actions
    • One finger: select object
    • Two fingers to do the gestures below:
      • Pinch open or close to zoom in or out


The Preview panel will show your effect work in progress. There are a few built-in videos to test your effect in different environments, or you can open the webcam to test your effect on a variety of skin tones to ensure your effect is inclusive and looks good on everyone on TikTok. At the bottom, there are some buttons for you to customize the preview window. These include choosing a different device ratio or showing or hiding the TikTok UI. You can also take a screen shot or record a demo video.


In the Inspector panel, you will see each object in the asset panel is broken down into multiple components, which can be changed by modifying their properties. For example, when you click the Camera object, it will show the Camera component with the properties assigned to it. Feel free to tweak the properties and see how it will reflect on the preview.

Visual Scripting

Click the button on top left to show the Visual Scripting panel if it is not visible. With Visual Scripting, you can implement interactions in the effect by connecting nodes together rather than writing code.


Home Button

The Home button will lead you to the Effect House homepage.

Resource Button

For learning resources and troubleshooting help, click on the Learning Resources button to look through our information and help topics.

Package Size Indicator

Click the package size indicator to display the file size and detailed information about your current Effect House project.

  • File size classification:
    • 0MB ≤ 3MB: recommended file size
    • 3MB ≤ 5MB: may encounter performance issues due to larger size
    • >5MB: exceeds effect package size limitation (5 MB). Packages larger then 5 MB are not supported.

Preview in TikTok

Select Preview in TikTok to generate a QR code to preview your effect in the TikTok app. For more details, check out the Preview in TikTok guide.

Manage Effects

Use Manage effects to open your effect management portal, where you can manage all of your pending and active effects. Check out the Manage your effect guide for more information.


Use the Submit button to submit your effect to TikTok for review. Check out more information on the submission process in the Submit your effect guide.

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