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Version: 4.0.0

Demo Video Creation

When you submit an effect, you’ll need to provide a demo video. The demo video should accurately demonstrate the effect’s features, and needs to adhere to our Effect Guidelines.

Demo videos are only intended for our internal team to review your effect and will not be displayed publicly, so focus on demonstrating the effect’s features.

Don’t worry – you’ll have the opportunity to create a fun TikTok video for your effect later once the effect is published on TikTok! To learn more about creating a public TikTok video for your effect, see the Share your effect guide.

Demo Video Requirements

  • Aspect ratio: Portrait (9:16)
  • File format: MOV or MP4
  • File size: Max 32 MB
  • Video length: Max 15 seconds

Create your video in a well-lit space without lots of clutter in the background.

Ways to Create Your Demo Video

There are two ways to create your demo video, either using the preview function within Effect House, or using the preview function in the TikTok app.

Create a Demo Video in Effect House

In the tool, locate the Preview panel. Select the specifications that apply to your effect and the mobile device model.

create demo video

Click the Screen record button to record and save your video.

click screen record

Create a Demo Video in TikTok

In the tool, click Preview in TikTok. This will generate a QR code for your effect.

preview in TikTok

Scan the QR code using your phone camera to open a preview of the effect on TikTok.

preview demo

We support recording in TikTok while previewing so use your phone’s screen record to create a demo video.