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v3.6.0 (December 14, 2023)

  • Compress assets with Asset Compression Center
  • Easily delete unused assets with the new Organize Assets menu
  • New array nodes for visual scripting

New Features

  • Optimize your effect’s file size with Asset Compression Center, where you can access a centralized view of all compressible assets.
  • Add the Screen Drawing object from the Object menu and test your drawing in the Preview panel.
  • Added new array nodes in the Visual Scripting panel: Insert Item in Array, Remove Item from Array, Append Arrays, and Split Array.
  • Added a new Get Asset node.
  • Added a Component Property category, comprised of getters and setters for each node, in the node library.
  • Manage your assets with new functions in the Assets panel: Hide unused asset, Show unused asset, and Delete unused asset.


  • Reorganized the Object menu.
  • Import and apply Generative Effects from Asset Library.
  • Add the following Segmentation objects from the Object menu: Sky Segmentation, Ground Segmentation, Building Segmentation, Face Sticker Segmentation, and User Upload Media Segmentation.
  • View demo videos and descriptions when hovering over an object in the Object menu.
  • The Which Face property has been added to the Hand Segmentation Texture and Head Segmentation Texture.
  • Updates to Body Outline properties.
  • The Mask Texture property has been added to the Camera component.
  • Properties pinned from the Inspector panel appear with the Source parameter in their respective nodes in the Visual Scripting panel.
  • Experience smoother navigation between menus.
  • Search for Scene objects in the node library.
  • The Text component has been updated for consistency across different screens.