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v3.4.0 (October 25, 2023)

  • Reset your effect each time you record
  • Two-finger touch gestures

New Features

  • Reset your effect whenever the record state is triggered by selecting Reset on Record On in the Visual Scripting panel.
  • The Pinch and Rotate node detects and responds to the position of two fingers on the screen.
  • The Two-Finger Rotate interaction rotates a scene object on the world z-axis when two fingers rotate.
  • The Pinch to Scale interaction shrinks or enlarges a scene object when two fingers move inward or outward, respectively.
  • The Tilt Head to Play Next Frame interaction plays the next frame of the target animated texture when a head tilt is detected. This interaction can only be added to an Animated Texture asset.
  • A Save progress window has been added.
  • When adding a generative effect that applies to the eyes or mouth, a tip will appear.


  • New properties have been added to Face Inset.
  • Social Kit objects are now added as 2D objects by default.
  • The Head Movement Detection node supports Tilt Right and Tilt Left movements.
  • The Finger Touch 1-Point node has been updated to the Finger Touch node. A Detect input has been added, which can change between Touch 0 and Touch 1.
  • Selecting an option on the Publish Effect window will automatically advance you to the next screen.