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v3.2.0 (September 11, 2023)

  • Batch Editing allows you to edit multiple objects’ properties at once
  • GPU instancing has been added to Material Editor
  • Record state can be controlled through the Preview panel

New Features

  • Edit objects in batches by selecting multiple objects in the Hierarchy panel and simultaneously updating the shared components in the Inspector panel.
  • Record state can now be controlled through the Preview panel.
  • Three Material Editor nodes have been added for GPU instancing: Instance Count, Instance ID, and Instance Ratio.
  • The Scene Object Info node retrieves the name, layer, and visibility from scene objects.


  • The Text component now supports the Shadow and Outline properties.
  • The Equal node now supports scene objects, allowing you to compare scene objects.
  • The Done button in Effect Icon Creator now saves and applies your effect icon when submitting your effect.
  • Community Bonus Badges are now displayed on the Effect House home screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Render textures appear imported right-side up.