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v2.3.0 (April 24, 2023)

  • New Sad Face generative effect
  • New Badges integrated into the Effect House app
  • Five new templates to help create makeup, interactive, and animated effects

We recommend updating to the latest versions of TikTok (iOS v29.0.0 and Android 29.1.0) as they are most compatible with Effect House v2.3.0.

New Features

  • Sad Face, a new generative effect, creates a distressed expression.
  • Introducing a new program called Effect House Bonus Badges! Based on your effect performance, you can unlock new badges that will add new items to your TikTok profile, such as a frame or even a badge that says Effect House Top Creator.


  • The Generative Effects component has been updated to use Generative Effect assets available in the Assets panel.
  • Animated Textures can now be applied directly to any Texture property, removing the need for the Animation Sequence component.
  • The color picker has been updated to improve usability.
  • The Bling object now has a Camera component in the Inspector panel. You can now move its render group in the Hierarchy panel to render it behind or in front of other objects.


Known Issues

  • Applying a normal texture to a Standard PBR material may cause issues.