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v2.2.0 (March 27, 2023)

  • New Hair Eraser generative effect
  • Added Detect Occlusion
  • New Blinn-Phong material

New Features

  • Hair Eraser, a new generative effect, removes short to medium-length hair with one click.
  • The Object menu now has scrollable graphic menu cards and a new order.
  • Added the ability to detect occlusion to specific face effects: Eye Effect, Eyelash Effect, and Lip Effect. With Detect Occlusion selected, face effects now appear to hide behind real-world objects.


  • QR code login is now the primary point of entry for Effect House. An instructional animation has been added to make accessing the in-app scanner much easier. Alternative login methods are available at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Standard PBR material has two new properties. Rim Highlight adds a glow to the edge of your object and Thin Film applies an iridescent outer layer.
  • The Face Paint material’s default Opacity Texture was updated to improve the appearance of 3D face masks.


  • The Dynamic Chain template demonstrates how to apply chain physics to hair and earrings to create an interactive character.
  • The Sky Castle template allows you to set the environment of a classic sky AR effect with the addition of your own AR objects.
  • Apply a neon-themed face mask with customized face textures with the Neon Face template.

Bug Fixes

  • In previous versions, when clicking Take screenshot, the screenshot wouldn’t be captured until Save was clicked. This has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • Standard PBR, Unlit, Face Paint, and Blinn-Phong materials’ blend modes default to an empty state or -1.