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v1.1.1 (April 27, 2022)

  • Added new Face Inset and Body Avatar Drive templates
  • Added new functional nodes for Visual Scripting logic
  • Body Avatar Drive supports 3D character body movement.

New features

  • New templates
    • Face Inset maps a selected facial feature to other areas of the screen.
    • Character Drive supports 3D character body movement.
  • New Visual Scripting nodes
    • Video Record
      • Added a full event cycle of video recording events: on start, recording, on stop, and not recording.
      • Video Record on Start and Video Record on Stop have been merged into one node.
    • Min, Max
      • Now has “add pins” to compare more than 2 values (25 max).
    • Finger Touch 1-Point
      • A full cycle of touch events for a single touch.
    • Flip-Flop
      • Alternates between A and B executions.
    • Dot
      • Supports Vec2, Vec3, and Vec4.
    • Cross
      • Supports Vec3, and Vec4 (CrossXYZ).
    • Normalize (Vector)
      • Supports Vec2, Vec3, and Vec4.
    • Effect Resolution Info
      • Gets final resolution of a 9:16 canvas based on target device spec rating. Currently, this will always be in a 9:16 ratio.


  • Panels
    • Account logout is now supported on the Homepage panel.
    • JPG format files are now supported as effect thumbnails on the Submission panel.
    • The effect hint list on the Submission panel has been updated.
  • Rendering and post-processing
    • Sparkling speed adjustment is now supported with Bling.
  • Face effects
    • Face Sticker provides the option to select up to 5 different featured faces to an effect.
  • Visual Scripting
    • Node Update
      • Video Record on Start and Video Record on Stop have been deprecated.
      • Equate can compare if a value sits in between or outside a domain.
      • Data Convert supports Number to Vec2, Vec3, Vec4, Color, and String.
      • Face Detection now has Face Count as an output.
      • Normalize (Number) has been changed to Normalize to Range.
      • Add and Multiply now support “add pins” (25 max).
    • UI Improvement
      • The Search Panel node now supports filtering nodes with input types that can be switched when dragging out of a port.
      • Shortcuts available on Search Panel:
        • = Equal
        • > Greater
        • < Less
        • ! Negate
        • ? Nil
        • & And
        • + Add
        • – Subtract
        • x Cross Multiply
        • * Multiply
        • / Divide
        • % Mod
        • ^ Pow
      • Increased the selection area of the node port and connection line.
      • Shift/Cmd + Click drag can now select multiple nodes and lines.
      • Added the Comment icon on the Graph Top Bar as a shortcut.
      • The upper left corner of a node will now match the position of the mouse cursor when it is pasted.
      • Removed the auto selection of the first node in Search Panel. It can be now selected with the”up” or “down” key.
      • The background color of string input has changed from black to gray.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved a crash issue that occurred while undo adding the Transform 2D component to a 3D object attached under the Canvas object.
  • Resolved select login issues experienced with Effect House v1.0.0.
  • Resolved an occasional crash issue caused by using 3D Animation Controller.
  • Fixed crash issues caused by switching to Webcam in Preview.
  • A setting in one Face Binding component can now be copied and pasted into another component.
  • Previously, Max node in Visual Scripting would return 0 only when it had negative numbers as the inputs. This has been resolved.
  • Corrected the Screen Hold node output type.

Known issues

  • You may experience a software crash in Effect House V1.0.0 if you open projects that were created with Effect House V1.1.1.
  • Bling texture size will show smaller than expected while using Effect House for the Mac Apple Chip (M1). To prevent this, please preview the effect on TikTok instead.
  • If you apply the built-in Camera Texture to Image, this texture might disappear after you save and reopen the project.
  • You may experience a software crash if you switch the input value type of a Subgraph that already has an input node connected to it.