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You're Invited to Our Open House

You’re Invited to Our Open House

Join us for a day of discovery and creativity as we open our house on December 12, 2023 to create, connect, and celebrate TikTok effects!

In this virtual event, we’ll show you around Effect House—its latest and greatest features and how to use TikTok effects to create, tell interactive stories, and reach millions around the world.

If you’re a TikTok effect enthusiast, a brand marketer, or an AR designer, Open House is for you. Tune in to hear from TikTok, top creators, and brands succeeding with effects to build an audience and grow their business.

This one-day virtual conference is free for everyone and kicks off at 10 am PT on Dec 12, 2023. Visit the Open House page now to register and learn more about the conference.

— The Effect House Team