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Level Up Your Creator Status With Bonus Badges

Level Up Your Creator Status With Bonus Badges

The Bonus Badges program has been updated. Read More Bonuses, More Fun: Exciting Updates to Bonus Badges for details.

Calling all new and advanced creators: Get perks for creating effects on Effect House when you earn Bonus Badges!

Bonus Badges are special badges that offer exclusive benefits for achieving specific publishing and engagement milestones. These leveled badges are designed to meet you at every step of your creation journey, and celebrate you for publishing highly engaging effects.

How Bonus Badges Work

Bonus Badges have five levels, each is unlocked based on the number of effects published and the number of times the effects are used by other creators in their videos. Aside from the prestige that comes with earning these badges, these special badges come with exclusive privileges.

Bronze1 effect publishedUnlock the Bronze Badge
Silver3 effects published

At least 1 effect used in 1,000 videos
Unlock the Silver TikTok Profile Frame (active for 3 months)
Gold5 effects published

At least 3 effects used in 1,000 videos
Unlock the Gold TikTok Profile Frame (active for 6 months)
Platinum10 effects published

At least 3 effects used in 100,000 videos
Unlock the opportunity to have the official Effect House Top Creator title on your TikTok profile

*Account must be in good standing to be eligible for the title.
Diamond20 effects published

At least 3 effects used in 1,000,000 videos
Unlock the opportunity to join the Effect House Ambassadors Program.

As part of the program, you get access to exclusive benefits, which may include:
– Early access to new Effect House tool updates
– Invitation to exclusive events
– Partnership opportunities
– Branded effects opportunities
– Effect House swag

*Ambassadors Program application is subject to review and approval.

How to Start Earning Badges

Whether you’re a new creator on Effect House or an advanced creator, you can earn Bonus Badges. If you’re an advanced creator who has already published effects in the past, check out the Effect House Badges page to see if you’ve already unlocked some of the Bonus Badges.

If you’re a new creator, here’s how to get started:

  • Download the free Effect House app on your desktop or laptop
  • Log in to Effect House with your TikTok account
  • Create and publish your first effect to earn the Bronze Badge

That’s it! Remember, only effects created in the Effect House desktop tool qualify for Badges. For more information and to start tracking your badges, visit the Effect House’s Badges page.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

—The Effect House Team