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Effect House Game Jam: Create TikTok Game Effects

Effect creators and game enthusiasts, this special event is for you! Join Effect House Game Jam from April 17, 2024–May 8, 2024 for a month full of fun game effect creation, new templates and tutorials, and exciting cash prizes.

Game effects are a community favorite on TikTok and a great way to amplify your reach. If you’re looking to level up your creator status, learn how to create TikTok games, and unlock paid opportunities, be sure to check out all the Game Jam festivities happening now.

Win up to $5,000 with the Game Jam Challenge

Ready to join the quest? Create a TikTok game effect for the chance to unlock a cash prize! The Game Jam Challenge includes several categories, including 2D games, 3D games, and a special prize for the most popular game effect. Be sure to enter the challenge by May 8, 2024. Visit the Game Jam Challenge page to learn more.

Learn how to create TikTok game effects

Whether you’re new to game effect creation or want to level up your skills, you can watch our Game Effects 101 Video Series for step-by-step tutorials on:

  • What game effects are and how to get started creating them
  • How to make interactive game effects with Effect House’s physics engine
  • How to elevate your game effects with scoring and more advanced Effect House features
  • Helpful ways to enhance your game effects’ performance on TikTok

Get inspiration from top game effect creators

And finally, we’re featuring three Effect House creators whose game effects have made waves on TikTok. Check out their stories below and get insider tips on how to become a TikTok game effect creator!

Ready to start creating fun TikTok games and bring your creativity to life? Be sure to download the free Effect House desktop app today!

–The Effect House Team