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Create Interactive Effects with EasyGraph

Create Interactive Effects with EasyGraph

EasyGraph has evolved — head to our Create with AI Pre-Alpha blog post to learn more!

At Effect House, we strive to build robust, easy-to-use tools to make creation accessible to everyone. Our goal is to enable anyone to be a creator, regardless of their experience or skill level.

At our Open House conference, we announced an exciting upcoming feature that represents the next step in this mission: EasyGraph!

EasyGraph is an AI tool that generates visual scripting from a text prompt. With just a few words, the software will generate a full graph of nodes to bring your creative ideas to life.

Here are some interactions you can easily create with EasyGraph:

  • Change object scale upon collision
  • Cycle materials each frame
  • Play animated texture on smile
  • Teleport object on collision

While we’re still in the process of developing and refining EasyGraph, early tests have shown that interactive effects that would take 20 minutes to create from scratch can be generated in less than 30 seconds from a prompt.

EasyGraph is coming in 2024! If you’d like to be one of the first to try it out, sign up for the beta program. For more details, watch our full Open House announcement.

– The Effect House Team