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Exciting Updates to Effect House Branded Effects & Introducing the Effect Creator Marketplace

Branded Effects Updates, a New Effect Creator Marketplace, and More

On TikTok, effects inspire creativity, power storytelling, and bring joy to our global community of over 1 billion users. Brands can leverage Branded Effects to reach new audiences and tell more immersive stories, resulting in 9.65% increase in brand recall and 14% increase in brand favorability.

This week at Open House, we announced exciting new updates to our Branded Effects program for advertisers and creators.

Streamlining Branded Effects Partnerships

Starting today, brands can now partner with any effect creator or agency to produce their Branded Effects!

For advertisers, we’re committed to expanding the available resources needed to produce Branded Effect campaigns— from providing more partnership options to simplifying the production process.

For creators, we’re committed to increasing monetization offerings through a variety of programs, such as Effect Creator Rewards and our Branded Effects Beta. Today we’re opening Branded Effect creation from a closed beta to an opportunity available to all creators, unlocking access to the leading advertisers who run Branded Effect campaigns on TikTok every year.

Introducing Effect Creator Marketplace

In 2024, we’re launching the Effect Creator Marketplace! This platform will provide a simplified way for advertisers to find effect creators to help fuel their ad campaigns.

Advertisers will be able to search and browse through a curated list of skilled effect creators, view their portfolios, and contact them directly to request a partnership.

For effect creators, this is also an exciting opportunity for you to work with brands of all sizes and potentially monetize your effects.

If you’re an agency or creator interested in joining, fill out the Effect Creator Marketplace application for Individuals or Agencies to get started.

If you’re an advertiser interested in adding a Branded Effect to your next campaign, fill out this interest form. For more information on Branded Effects, check out Opportunities for Brands in Effect House.

If you’d like to catch up on everything announced at Open House, you can view all sessions on demand, including Succeeding with TikTok Effects for Brands.

Also, don’t miss our Fireside Chat with Pluto TV for a deep dive into a successful Branded Effect campaign!

– The Effect House Team