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Unleash Your Creativity: Sign Up for Create with AI Pre-Alpha

Unleash Your Creativity: Sign Up for Create with AI Pre-Alpha

Drumroll, please! Get ready to transform your creative ideas into fun TikTok filters and interactive effects with the new Effect House AI assistant. Plus, be sure to sign up for the Create with AI Pre-Alpha program below for the opportunity to get exclusive access!

At our inaugural Open House conference last December, we introduced EasyGraph — an AI-assisted tool that generates visual scripting from text prompts. We’ve since evolved EasyGraph into a new all-in-one AI assistant designed to help all types of creators explore fresh ideas and jumpstart their first effect creation with just a few words.

Effect House's AI assistant interface featuring built-in and customizable text prompts for creating TikTok effects
Meet our AI assistant
A user writing a text prompt to create a tiger randomizer game in Effect House's AI assistant
Create TikTok effects with ease

From fun animated filters to interactive games and randomizers, anyone can get started creating TikTok effects.

2D TikTok game where users tap the screen to prevent the game character from falling off a whimsical treehouse
Create interactive TikTok games
Interactive TikTok quiz generating a Thai dish suggestion for the user to enjoy
Create fun mini-quizzes

Sign up to get exclusive access

As we continue fine-tuning this feature, we’d love to hear directly from creators like you! If you’d like to be one of the first people to try out the AI assistant, sign up for a chance to participate in our Create with AI Pre-Alpha program!* Selected participants will receive an email confirmation soon.

Whether you’re creating your first TikTok effect or seeking creative inspiration, the AI assistant can help you bring your imagination to life!

*Creators who previously applied for the EasyGraph beta program do not need to apply again.

Please note that the AI assistant is currently available only in English. If you’re interested in joining the Create with AI Pre-Alpha program, be sure to set your Effect House language to English.