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More Bonuses, More Fun: Exciting Updates to Bonus Badges

More Bonuses, More Fun: Exciting Updates to Bonus Badges

Get ready to explore our new and improved Bonus Badges (hooray)!

Since introducing Bonus Badges earlier this year, TikTok Effect House creators have been able to earn exclusive bonuses for achieving specific milestones, such as publishing a certain number of effects and the number of times those effects are used by other creators in their TikTok videos. Now, creators can unlock even more exciting benefits with our enhanced Bonus Badges!

Get cash bonuses and monetization opportunities

Creators who earn the Gold Badge can now unlock the opportunity to join Effect Creator Rewards and monetize their TikTok effects! Learn more about Effect Creator Rewards on our FAQ page.

Alongside paid opportunities, creators who unlock the Platinum Badge after December 15, 2023 can receive a $60 cash bonus! (To learn more about the cash bonus eligibility requirements, visit our Bonus Badge FAQ page.)

Elevate creator status with new profile frames

Profile frames are unique frames that are shown around a creator’s TikTok profile photo or avatar. Profile frames are a great way to gain creator recognition within the Effect House community!

Creators who unlock the Platinum and Diamond badges can now collect Platinum and Diamond profile frames. The Platinum profile frame is active for 12 months from when it was claimed, and the Diamond profile frame is active for 24 months.

Enjoy exclusive membership invites

Finally, creators who acquire the Diamond Badge are eligible to join our new Diamond Creator Program. This program offers exclusive benefits, which may include opportunities like:

  • Early access to new Effect House features
  • Exclusive Community Forum badges
  • Exclusive roles in our Effect House Discord Server
  • Invitations to virtual and in-person events
  • Priority access to technical support
  • Direct support from our regional managers
  • Special brand and marketing opportunities

How to start earning Bonus Badges

Both new and advanced Effect House creators can earn Bonus Badges. If you’re an experienced Effect House creator interested in advancing your skills and unlocking more Bonus Badges, check out our Learning Resources on the Badges page.

If you’re new to Effect House, here’s how you can start collecting Bonus Badges:

And you’re set! Keep in mind that only effects created in the Effect House desktop app qualify for badges. To learn more about Bonus Badges, visit our FAQ page. To start tracking your badges, check out the Badges page.

–The Effect House Team