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About Effect House Challenges

About Effect House Challenges

Effect House Challenges offer beginner and experienced TikTok effect creators a chance to showcase their creativity, get prizes, and connect with the Effect House community. Read on to learn more about our challenges and how you can participate.

What are Effect House Challenges

Challenges are global and regional competitions regularly hosted by Effect House to inspire creativity, engage the community, and connect effect creators worldwide. Each challenge features a theme, which ranges from seasonal and national holidays to pop culture favorites. Here are some of our most popular challenges:

How are challenges judged

Every challenge is different. But generally, we’re on the lookout for effects that will resonate with TikTok’s audience. Some of the main factors we look at:

  • Overall quality of the effect
  • Originality and creativity
  • Relevance to the theme

What’s in it for you

Aside from bragging rights? Challenge winners also get to win prizes, which may be different for every challenge. Here are some of the prizes that may be offered:

  • Cash prizes
  • Exclusive badges or profile frames
  • Special placements within TikTok’s Creative Effects tray
  • TikTok or Effect House swag

How to enter a challenge

To enter a challenge:

  1. Download Effect House.
  2. Create and submit your effect on or before the challenge due date.
  3. On the Submit form, select the challenge name under Challenge. If there’s a challenge available in your region, you’ll see the challenge name in the dropdown.
  4. Make sure you have an email associated with your account to be eligible to win prizes and get notified about challenge updates, results, and more. Learn how to add an email.
  5. Click Submit and you’re all set!

Tips for creating a winning TikTok effect

  1. Show off your AR skills: Create an effect that will highlight your mastery of AR and the Effect House tool.
  2. Make it easy to use: Provide clear prompts that guide users through the process of using your effect.
  3. Make it fun and entertaining: Create effects that are interactive and dynamic.
  4. Make it catchy: Design a thumbnail that grabs attention!

We’re excited to see what you all come up with. For more tips on how to enhance your skills and use Effect House, check out our Learning Resources.