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Face effects

How to create the Face Stretch effect

The Face Stretch functionality provides you the freedom to control the proportions of certain facial features. You can use the provided 2D face template with keypoints to effortlessly make a stretched face effect.


How to create the Face Stretch effect

Add the Face Stretch entity to the scene window by clicking + Add Object > Face Effect > Face Stretch.


You can start to modify the provided face by moving around keypoints in the Scene panel. All modifications in the scene panel will be automatically reflected in the Preview panel.

Moving Face Stretch keypoints around

Click on the checkbox next to Lock under the Face Stretch menu to lock all other keypoints other than the keypoint you are adjusting. Adjust the Intensity to control the amount of distortion when moving the keypoints.

Playing with cheekbone and cheek width Face Stretch keypoints

You can also click on the checkbox next to Symmetric to create some asymmetrical face designs.

Creating an asymmetric Face Stretch effect

Adjust Face Stretch properties

You can bring up the Face Stretch roperties by clicking on Face Stretch in the Hierarchy panel to bring up the Inspector panel.

Face Stretch properties

Which Face: This option allows you to choose between the 5 different faces. The default value is 1.

Intensity: This option controls the amount of distortion caused by adjusting the keypoint. The default value is 50.

Symmetric: Unchecking this option allows you to move keypoints asymmetrically. This is checked by default.

Lock: This option locks all keypoints besides the keypoint that you are adjusting.

Reset: Clicking Reset will reset all keypoints and options back to their default conditions for the current face you are working on.

Copy and paste face designs

Once you have created a design that you like, you can replicate the customizations to another face using Which Face. Select Copy from the More dropdown menu to copy the current face design.

Copying a Face Stretch effect to another project

Click on + Add Object > Face Effects > Face Stretch and add a new Face Stretch to your Hierarchy panel. Select the new Face Stretch entity to bring up the Inspector panel.

Click on Which Face to select a new face from the dropdown menu. Select Paste from the More menu to paste the copied design onto the new face.

Pulling in a premade Face Stretch face to use in the current project

You can also select Reset to start a new design on the current face you are working on.