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v2.1.0 (March 22, 2023)

  • Add preset interaction subgraphs in the Inspector panel
  • Apply chain physics to your objects with the new Dynamic Chain component
  • New Eyebrow Editor template
  • Support for Apple Magic Mouse

New Features

  • Add interactions in the Inspector panel to select preset subgraphs that make objects interactive in one click.
    • Double-click an interaction subgraph to access and customize a combination of trigger and response nodes.
    • Double-click nodes to access third-layer logic.
  • Dynamic Chain allows you to easily add chain physics to a rigged 3D model or linked series of objects.
Effect by @arthurbfrd
  • New Visual Scripting nodes and subgraph input types are available. Support for materials and scene objects as subgraph input types has been added. New corresponding Visual Scripting nodes have been added to create effect logic.
    • Expanded subgraph input types to include materials and scene objects. Also added support for array inputs.
    • Added several new utility nodes including getters for scene objects and components, getters and setters for mesh renderer and material assets, and array helper functions.
  • New 2D system in the Hierarchy panel. Updates include the following:
    • Screen Image replaces the current Image object. It consists of the new Screen Transform component and Image component. It is displayed and edited in the 2D scene view by default.
    • Image has been updated to use 3D Transform.
    • Face Sticker has been updated to use the new Image component.
    • Segmentation objects have been updated to use the new Screen Transform component instead of the 2D Transform, Canvas, and Canvas Scaler components to achieve the same effect.
    • 2D Scene Object creates a new generic scene object that can function as a parent or base entity for new 2D objects with the Screen Transform component.


  • Improved the usability of the Scene panel and Visual Scripting panel.
  • Added support for Apple Magic Mouse.
  • Updated the numeric input and slider UI in the Inspector panel to improve usability.
  • Updated the Face Mask component mesh to increase the effective area for full-face effects and fixed the forehead clipping.
  • Combined the Eye Color component into one object for more ease of use.
  • Changed the default AR scale unit from meters to centimeters to better align the scale in the 3D scene view with the scale in the Preview panel.


  • New Eyebrow Editor template showcases three ways to implement eyebrow effects using generative effects. The template comes with 3 categories of material assets that you can swap into the 3D face.
    • Modify the opacity texture to create unique eyebrow designs.
    • Modify the base texture to use custom drawn eyebrows.
    • Modifying the UV to change eyebrow shape and position.