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TikTok Effect Platform
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v1.2.0 (May 25, 2022)

  • New Visual Scripting nodes.
  • Effect House performance optimization improvements.
  • Fixed Bling texture size issues for M1 TikTok preview.

New features

Project structure

  • A new .ehproj file is now available as a new option to open the project directly in Effect House.


  • Two new options are listed in the Hierarchy menu when you right-click a scene object.
    • Expand All: Expand all child objects under the selected scene object.
    • Collapse All: Collapse all child objects under the selected scene object.

New Visual Scripting nodes

  • Control
    • Do N: Execute this node multiple times until it is reset.
    • Gate: The current state of the gate (open or closed) determines whether the Enter input passes out of the Next output or not.
  • Math
    • Lerp (Support Number, Vec2, Vec3, and Color)
  • Utility
    • Rect Overlap: Detect whether or not two rectangles boundaries are overlapping.
    • Point in Rect: Detect whether or not a point is in a rectangle.
  • Transform
    • Angle Between: Calculate the angle between two vectors. Supported types: Vec2 and Vec3.
    • Rotate Around: Rotate an input point with a given angle around a given axis.
    • Look At: Get the new orientation of a position by setting a look-at target position. Supported types: Vec2 and Vec3.
    • Screen to World: Transform a position from the camera viewport space to world space. The input viewport space is normalized to the camera. The bottom left of the camera viewport is (0,0) and the top right is (1,1). The Z position is measured in world units from the camera.
  • General features
    • Right click on an input/output to promote to a variable.
    • Ability to add/drag multiple assets to the Graph panel.
    • Added ports on nodes can be deleted by selecting “right click” and “remove”.



  • Improvement in device tracking performance when using orientation mode.


  • Optimization of the whole Effect House performance, including visual scripting, texture sequence compression, assets picker, and other features.


  • We added all default textures into the asset picker Built-in Textures folder for easier access, including Environment Texture and Noise Texture.


  • Screen Tap, Screen Hold, Screen Pan and Finger Touch 1-Point nodes update the output coordinates system on the bottom left (0,0) and top right (1,1).

Bug fixes

  • While using Effect House M1 version, the Bling texture sizewas appearing smaller than expected while previewing an effect in TikTok. This has been fixed.

Known issues

  • If your project contains many assets, you may encounter a slow or unsuccessful loading of the QR code for Preview in TikTok.
  • The Face Inset effect may disappear while using real-time preview if you had added Face Inset object and selected Depth Testing.
  • You may encounter a crash when un-checking Performance for Face Inset.
  • If you pause preview window for an extended period of time, you may encounter a disconnection from animation play or audio play. To resolve this, please re-open the project.
  • You may experience a blackout in preview the first time you apply a face texture to a 3D Face material while extracting the face texture from the face mesh for a 3D face. To resolve this, please select “Restart” in Preview and the effect will show as intended.
  • Visual Scripting known issues
    • Promote to Variable is currently not available for Subgraph inputs and outputs.
    • While using the Reflect node, you may experience an issue with the Input Vertex being modified by the Reflect Node operation. We are working to resolve this.
    • You may experience coordinate issues while using Rect Overlap and Point in RectVertex to Rect nodes since we currently only flip the output y.
    • For Rect Overlap, there is an overlapping issue. On the right size of the screen, two Rects may not appear to be overlapped but the exit trigger shows it is.
    • Flipflop node by default shoots B first. It should be A first.
    • For Vertex- to- Rect, the coordinates are currently flipped.