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Use Bling to create sparkling effects using both the front and rear cameras. Shader scripting is currently required in the production process of the sparkling visual effect. This feature will make visual adjustments more flexible and lower the bar for using the effect.


Quick start

Adding the Bling object

Add Bling by clicking + Add object > Post Effect > Bling.

Playing with the Bling component

Import your prepared assets by clicking + Add asset > Import > From Computer.


The recommended specifications for assets are: 300 x 300, .png with alpha channel, in a monochrome color.

By default, the Bling component has the built-in “BlingTex” texture. To add another texture, click the + Add texture button in the Inspector panel. Click on X to remove a texture.


Bling properties


Texture: The Bling object supports up to 3 textures. When one or more textures are applied, each sparkling spot will randomly iterate through different textures.

Texture Opacity: This property changes the opacity of the texture applied to each sparkling spot. Drag the slider between 0 and 1 to change the value. 0 is invisible while 1 means fully visible.

Blend Mode: This changes how the textures are blended.

Brightness: Change the brightness of the sparkling spots by dragging the slider to change the value between 0 and 1. 0 is the least bright while 1 means the brightest.

Intensity:Change the intensity of the sparkling spots by dragging the slider to change the value. 0 means no effect, 1 means the most intense.

Size: Change the scale of each sparkling spot by dragging the slider to change the value. 0 means the smallest, 1 means the largest.

Size Randomness:

  • Some randomly picked Bling textures will be scaled up while others will be scaled down.
  • Value 0: the size of all Bling textures are the same, equal to the value set in parameter Size.
  • Value 1: the size differences reach the maximum.


  • Support 2 colors, the texture(s) will be tinted to the selected color.
  • When two different colors are applied, each Bling sparkling spot will randomly iterate through different colors.

Occlude Face: If unchecked, the Bling effect will be applied to the full screen. If checked the Bling effect will not be applied on the detected face (up to one) but the rest of the screen.