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Use Bling to create sparkling effects using both the front and back cameras. Shader scripting is currently required in the production process of the sparkling visual effect. Bling lowers the bar for using the effect by making visual adjustments more flexible.


Add Bling Object

Add Bling by clicking + Add object > Post Effect > Bling. The Bling component is attached to the Bling object by default.

Configure Bling Component

Customize Bling Texture

Import a Texture for Bling Texture

Import your prepared assets by clicking + Add asset > Import > From Computer.


The recommended specifications for assets are: 300 x 300, PNG with alpha channel and monochrome color.

Apply Texture to Bling Texture


The Bling component has a built-in Bling texture by default. Click + Add texture in the Inspector panel to add another texture. Bling component supports up to 3 textures.


To remove the texture, click on the X.

Adjust Opacity

  • + Texture Opacity: This property changes the opacity of the texture applied to each sparkling spot. Drag the slider between 0 and 1 to change the value. The default value is 1.0.

Blend Mode

  • Blend Mode: This property changes how the textures are blended. The default value is Linear Dodge.

Change Brightness of the Texture

  • + Brightness: Change the brightness of the sparkling spots by dragging the slider to change the value between 0 and 1. The default value is 0.7 while 0 is the original brightness of the texture.

Change Intensity of the Texture

  • + Intensity: Intensity measures how closely packed the sparkles are from one another. Change the intensity of the sparkling spots by dragging the slider to change the value. The default value is 0.7.

Other Properties

  • + Size: This property changes the scale of each sparkling spot. Change the scale by dragging the slider. The default value is 0.7.
  • + Size Randomness: Some randomly picked Bling textures will be scaled up while others will be scaled down. Minimum original texture scale is x0.1 while the maximum original texture scale is x1.5. The default Size Randomness is 0.7.

+ Speed: Change the refresh speed of each sparkle by dragging the slider between 0 and 1. The default value is 0.7.

  • + Color 1
  • + Color 2
    • Support 2 colors, the texture(s) will be tinted to the selected color.
    • When two different colors are applied, each Bling sparkling spot will randomly use one of these two colors.
  • Occlude Face:
    • If unchecked, Bling will be applied to the full screen. Occlude Face is unchecked by default.

If checked, Bling will not be applied on the detected face (up to one), but on the rest of the screen.

Use Multiple Blings

The 2D object render order is directly tied to the order that the 2D objects appear in the hierarchy under the canvas. The higher a 2D object appears in the Hierarchy panel, the later it will be rendered.

See our 2D Image guide for more information on render order.

Performance in Effect House

Window: Bling has relatively high impact on the in-tool performance.

Mac: Bling has a low impact on the in-tool performance.